Fun Activities

  • Inflatable Bounce House

  • Soft "Contained" Playground with ball pits, slides, obstacles & more

  • Rock Wall

  • Mini Roller Coaster Cars 

  • Basketball hoop

  • Balance Beam

  • Soft Play Items

  • Hula Hoops

  • "Toddler only" Area

  • and more...

Our Center

We take great pride in the safety, security and cleanliness of our facility. Here are some examples.

  • Not only is the equipment inspected daily for proper operation and safety by our staff members but it is inspected on a monthly basis by a licensed amusement park ride inspector.

  • The equipment is also cleaned and sanitized throughout the day and night. Socks are required for all who enter!

  • A single electronically controlled and self-closing locked gate provides the only means of entry into the center.

  • Emergency doors located within the center cannot be opened from the outside and are equipped with door alarms should they be opened from inside.

  • Video surveillance is utilized to monitor operations in the majority of the center.

  • To promote safety, the entire floor is padded, with the majority of it being gymnastic flooring.

  • Addtionally, wall corners are covered with protective padding to help prevent injuies.

  • We maintain a 1:10 staff to children ratio and often keep it well below this ratio when we have a high number of staff members on site

Rules at a Glance


  1. Children age 11 and older are not permitted on the play equipment.

  2. Children under age 4 (1-3 years old) must have parental supervision inside the play area

  3. Everyone must remove their shoes and wear socks

  4. Adults who are checking in children must sign our liability/waiver agreement

  5. Adults must sign in and pay for their own children.

  6. No strollers are permitted inside the center

  7. No diaper bags will be accepted

  8. You may be called back to assist your child in the bathroom if necessary

  9. No food drinks candy, etc. permitted inside the center.

  10. Children with casts will not be permitted to play while inside the center

  11. Children must be dropped off and picked up by the same adult. Other provisions may be granted but only during the check-in process.

  12. Children who exhibit symptoms of a cold, flu, fever, etc. will not be permitted inside. 

  13.  Although Giggles & Smiles has been created to promote an "open" environment, it may not be possible to view the children at all times.  

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